Parenting Without Tears


Parenting without tears is surely a must have for everyone especially for would be parents, young parents, parents and grandparents.



We are leaving in a time when parenting has become more complicated to many parents than ever.
The society has not made it easier for many parents to raise their children the way they will want to.

Most parents have failed at raising their children due to lack of knowledge and understanding on how to go about it.
Ignorance in this area has made many parents enemies instead of friends and role models to their children.

If you need help with raising your children, if you are having difficulty with getting your teenagers to listen to you then this is a book for you.
Pastor Chris has done a wonderful job with this book “Parenting without Tears”. Get your copy today and have a tear-free parenting.

Thank you so much Dr. Chris Ogedengbe for this lovely gift you have given to our generation in the form of a book.
God bless you greatly. I look forward to reading more of your books.


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