God’s Girls Rock

The GOD’S GIRLS ROCK ministry arm cares for women of all age groups and races. Women all over the world face both similar and dissimilar challenges. Dissimilar challenges confronting women include domestic violence, discrimination, injustices, female genital mutilation etc. Similar challenges comprise the lack of access to opportunities and prospects. Others include inability to desire and attain powerful positions.

Either similar or dissimilar, there is no doubt that women are still largely suppressed and oppressed, preventing them from attaining their full potential as a distinct creature made by God.

At GOD’S GIRLS ROCK – WOMEN’S CONFERENCE, we enable women to overcome their hurdles and achieve their goals.

Our GOD’s GIRLS ROCK –WOMEN’S CONFERENCE is coming to a place near you. Find out our schedule, plan to attend, we look forward to seeing you.

In addition, we host Annual GOD’S LEADING LADIES which is the FEMALE MINISTERS/FEMALE LEADERS/MINISTERS WIVES MINISTRY. We recognise the challenges that women in positions of leadership face, we confront these challenges head on.

If you are a woman in a position of authority, either as a minister’s wife, a corporate Chief Executive or a Politician, we are here for you. As women, we provide a tribe for one another.

Join the family of other leading women around the world, get support and encouragement for every woman leading others in the society.

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